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Dear Daily Bliss Seekers,

We at Daily Bliss are aware of the spread of the Zika Virus globally and are actively monitoring credible news outlets to remain current in our understanding of the virus. We use a variety of news sources to inform our decision making in planning retreats around the world.

Your safety is always of utmost concern to us. Therefore, we encourage you to fully inform yourself about Zika, as well as any other health issues related to specific travel destinations when traveling with Daily Bliss Yoga or any other company, as well as on your own.  For ease of reference, we have included below a few credible resources for health-related travel information, as well as a few specific articles on topics related to the Zika Virus.

Please also take care to note our Terms of Service specifically related to travel insurance, physical health, environmental encounters, and the individual’s responsibility related to the aforementioned. We want to ensure you are fully informed prior to making any travel plans and feel comfortable in your decision-making.

Within our Terms of Service, please note our Transfer Policy allows you to transfer from one retreat to another retreat without penalty as long as you notify Daily Bliss Yoga prior to 60 days before your originally scheduled retreat start date. We do not offer any special refunds on retreats to areas in “Zika Zones” but encourage clients to familiarize themselves with our transfer policy and the option to purchase trip insurance.

If ever you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.  Call, text, email — we not only strive to be your preferred retreat providers but your partners in creating lasting blissful experiences.

Our Very Best,

The Daily Bliss Team



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Additional Information

Zika at High Elevations:

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