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First & foremost, you can expect excellence in all that way do: the accommodations, the yoga, the adventure, the experience, the service we provide you from first inquiry to final OHM. And, you can expect to leave feeling renewed.  As Disney is to imagination and apple is to innovation, we are to renewal.

The core of what we do is provide carefully curated retreats that renew.  The essence of Daily Bliss Yoga is just that: inspired experiences filled with moments of surprise, emotions of delight and a sustaining sense of renewal. Each element is thoughtfully included. No detail is missed.


We carefully select our host locations, personally vetting and choosing to partner with retreat centers and boutique hotels that share our philosophy and core set of values: premium products, personalized experiences, exceptional service, sustainable practices, and care for ourselves & our natural surroundings.  Through this process, we establish strong relationships with resort staff providing for uncompromised service.


Daily Bliss Yoga retreats are designed to help you break away from the daily grind and renew your daily bliss. Every trip has a dedicated team of individuals – yoga instructor, professional retreat producer, onsite experience officer (guide) – committed to making your retreat the best experience possible.  Our retreats are a mix of high-quality yoga taught by celebrated instructors, well-planned travel, invigorating experiences, new adventure and a community of fellow travelers who share a similar drive to achieve balance & find bliss.   We pour love, care and attention to detail into each one of our retreats and aim to provide the highest level of customer service possible.

A PERSONALIZED EXPERIENCE: our canvas, your creativity

Our retreats are a healthy mix of scheduled always-optional activities and free time. On each retreat, we generally offer two yoga classes a day – a strong morning flow and a tranquil evening stretch & meditation. Throughout the day, there are planned activities that you can choose to participate in or simply create your own agenda. Activities often include surfing, paddle-boarding, kayaking or other ocean-based adventures; hiking; biking; cultural exploration; wine, beer or tequila tasting; or, an afternoon or evening in the local town. Relaxing at the retreat center is incorporated into every day and spa services are always an optional add-on. Please refer to a retreat webpage to learn the detailed schedule of events for each retreat.


The cuisine on Daily Bliss Yoga retreats is predominantly vegetarian with an occasional meat or fish offering. We try to include gluten-free and vegan options as part of our main cuisine. Our mantra is to eat clean, fresh & local knowing what you are putting into your body. We work with skilled chefs who specialize in making great-tasting clean and healthy food. Specific cuisine information is provided on the individual retreat website. Upon signing up for a retreat, you will designate if you are vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, meat lover or have any specific allergies. If you have any special requests beyond those designations, we will work with you on an individual basis.

Ultimately, we aim to SURPRISE & DELIGHT

No detail is overlooked, from meals & transportation to excursions & services. And, just when you think that is it, we’ve thought of more. How would you like to…

swiftly arrive to your retreat center to be warmly greeted with refreshments and smiles while your bags are arranged in your room?

wake to steaming tea, piping coffee, fresh fruits & whole grains prepared for you?

feel refreshed with a eucalyptus towel following your yoga practice?

find a menu of daily spa services and professionals prepped to pamper you?

be whisked away on an adventure fully arranged from first step to final feat?

walk into your room with a calming candle by your bedside to complete your day of bliss?

WE GOT THAT… and more covered! If we give away all our secrets to DAILY BLISS, there wouldn’t be any more surprises!