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A former UCLA gymnast, Joe brings 18 years experience as an athlete as well as a natural creativity to the practice. Having worked through various difficulties and injuries in gymnastics, he believes that when it comes to our practice balance on and off the mat is key. By intuitively listening to our bodies, knowing when to strengthen and when to soften, practicing consistently and eating mindfully, we maintain a healthy bodymind relationship and ultimately become what we practice.  Joe is grateful to have studied with a diverse mix of teachers over the past 15 years including teacher trainings with John Friend (Anusara) and Saul David Raye, as well as an Advanced 500 Hour Life of a Yogi TT with Sri Dharma Mittra in NYC in 2014. He also spent a life changing month in Mysore, India in 2009 studying with K. Pattabhi Jois, the founder of ashtanga, and two joyous years with Sifu Richard Tsim in Long Beach mastering Ba Qua Tai Chi and Qi Gong.  The beginning of a journey that took him down a path of least resistance!  A native of Oklahoma with mixed Vietnamese ancestry, Joe brings a fun-spirited, light hearted, invigorating flow as well as a keen knowledge of alignment principles to all of his classes.  In each, he takes you deeper into the physical asana practice with advanced heart openers, arm balances and inversions while exploring the healing, purifying nature of pranayama, meditation, sound and kriya (purifying) techniques.  When not teaching in LA, Joe can be found leading Vinyasa Flow, Inversions, and Traditional Thai Yoga Therapy Workshops and Retreats and Teacher Trainings or Volunteering throughout the world.

“The Journey to the Self is the Journey to the Soul.” ~ Joe Love

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