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Jamie is all about the breath and movement in unity. She skillfully designs her classes using a unique blend of Hatha Yoga poses that build an intelligent, purposeful sequence. Jamie’s music selection helps transcend you into your practice so that it becomes a moving meditation. She builds the sequence with the music; just like a soundtrack to a movie. Having practiced and taught Vinyasa Yoga for several years, and having completed an eclectic array of Yoga teacher trainings, she creates an environment where movement becomes liberation. She calls this Mukti Movement, or Liberation Movement. Jamie strongly believes that every pose should have a purpose and will ultimately lead to a deeper, more advanced posture. Jamie also believes in allowing the student to be their own teacher, listen to their own body, and be guided by their breath. She opens the body in a way that not only frees your mind, but is also fun, feels good, and is safe on the joints.


  • 500hr RYT
  • Senior Teacher, Mukti Yoga School

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