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Blissed Yoga Retreats specializes in creating boutique wellness retreats and programs for yoga instructors, yoga studios, schools, corporations, and individuals. Each one of our programs is designed to meet your specific needs – contact us to get started!

Yoga Instructor Retreats

Are you a great yoga instructor that loves what you do, has a great following, and have been thinking about retreats? Blissed Yoga Retreats would love to help you make your retreat business a reality.

School Retreats

Education is changing. At Blissed Yoga Retreats we work with top schools to provide experiential learning opportunities for their students. We are educating students about mindful living and giving them tools for a lifetime of wellness. Empower your students to find peace and happiness from within.

Private Yoga

A yoga practice should be a joyous part of your life. At Blissed Yoga Retreats we offer yoga privates that suit your individual needs. We believe that through personalized attention and personal care, you will have the tools you need to achieve your goals.

Yoga Studio Retreats

As a studio owner, there are so many elements of the business to manage. We help you grow your retreat business without taking your eye off the ball. After all retreats should be fun and rewarding to everyone, right?!

Corporate Wellness Programs

Blissed Yoga Retreats was founded as a result of Erika’s work in Corporate America. The yoga program offered at her work provided her clarity and “Daily Bliss” in a high achieving work environment. Erika now works with her team building partner, Amy Lombardo, to help companies increase overall employee joy, bliss, and ultimately productivity.

Wellness Branding & Photography

Erika founded Blissed Yoga Retreats after working for 10+ years in marketing and advertising. Her passion is to help grow health and wellness brands that benefit our society. Find out more about the marketing services Erika offers to help you take your health & wellness brand to the next level! Your Daily Bliss awaits!

What are you waiting for? Get your Daily Bliss on today!

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