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Experience our Thailand Koh Samui Lower Island Tour NOW – Take our Photo Tour!

We are dreaming of Thailand! The reason we choose Koh Samui for our yoga retreat destination is that the island offers everything your heart desires. You will get a complete Thailand experience all on this magical island. We have two full-day tours planned – below is a full description of our Lower Island Adventure Tour! This is offered as part of our Thailand Retreat March 22-29, 2016.

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This is Samui’s largest and most scenic waterfall (Nam Muang II). Recently the park has been expanded commercially including quite a large commercial animal safari park. We go off the beaten track and a little higher up the waterfall; here you are away from the main tourist path and you can get a better feel for the natural beauty and serenity of nature. This is a great opportunity to experience pure nature and the 5 elements, revitalise your natural energy system and chakras.

We suggest you take the opportunity to enjoy this pure and natural vibration of nature, walk barefoot a little bit here, connect to the earth and allow your feet enjoy this very pure, natural sensation and earth vibration. This is also a powerful, quick and easy way to energise and connect your root chakra.

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This is a true ‘Diamond in the rough’ we literally go off the beaten track here to visit a genuine Thai family at their home and small coconut farm. This is how local traditional Thai families live and here you will experience that real authentic warm hospitality and the legendary Thai smile from the heart.

I have known and Tutu his family for over 10 years now. Tutu was going through his ordained monk training when he experienced an epiphany; whilst lying under a coconut tree asking the tree how to be reunited with his family all living and working together happily. Now they all live here together in Samui including his 97 year old grandmother who still tries to run the farm!

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After the coconut farm we head into the sparsely populated lower south side of the island and stop for another traditional Thai experience! This family owns a small fresh fruit and vegetable plantation. They also live here and pick the fruits and vegetables direct from the farm..pure organic fresh grown and made with love..this is pure Prana energy at its best!!

They show and teach you the handmade family recipe for a delicious “SomTam” salad you can try out whilst you relax on the veranda overlooking the plantation (they also offer and prepare a full menu option with western and non spicy options).

lem sor beach teample

Heading further South West near Bang Kao beach you will find one of Samui’s most beautiful authentic temples. This temple is located at the far end of the beach and the Pagoda near by on a small hill.

The Laem Sor temple complex is not yet on the main tourist trial and in a beautiful quiet remote location so here you can enjoy and get a better feel of the genuine local peaceful temple tradition and culture. The traditional ordained monk training is conducted here and if you are lucky the resident monk will come out and have chat with us.

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On the way back we stop at another good friend of mine a long time local resident and silversmith. He built his house and studio using mirrors and a Gaudi like architecture. I call this the Crystal Castle since it looks like a fairy tale castle!

It was built using lots of wood and small mirrors and glitters in the sun during the day. Now Gai runs the business from here and has many international orders. He still designs and makes all the silver and shell jewelry by hand. Here you can find a real extraordinary authentic souvenir!

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This is a quick sneaky chocolate coffee and drink and snack stop on the way to the markets; again it’s off the beaten track, tucked away in a tranquil location what used to be a old coconut farm.

The chocolates and cakes are handmade by a Belgian chocolatier and his family who have been long time local residents on Ko Samui…Paradise and handmade chocolate!

local market

On the way back to Vikasa we stop at one of Samui’s most famous land marks; the unusual rock formation at Hin Ta & Hin Yai. Here you can also shop around at the local food, art & crafts stalls, have fun bargaining with the vendors and do your holiday souvenir shopping here.

The local markets sell local arts crafts and foods; making funny faces is optional!!

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Before we return to Vikasa we stop at a genuine road side farm and fruit stall, it is owned and run by a local Thai family.

Erika Craciun

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