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The Story of Daily Bliss Yoga

Hello! Welcome to the first official Daily Bliss Yoga journal post! My name is Erika and I officially founded Daily Bliss Yoga in 2012. I have always wanted to run a health and wellness company. I just didn’t know exactly what it was going to look like. A cat yoga salon? A personal closet organization business? An oxygen bar bonanza (think oxygen bars like Starbucks)? Let’s just say I had a lot of ideas.

I started my career in marketing and advertising and went to business school at USC in 2010 to study entrepreneurship and marketing. I learned a lot in business school, but I still didn’t have the right idea. I pitched low-calorie wine and meditation booths in New York city as my product concepts in my “Feasibility” entrepreneurship class  – let’s just say I didn’t win any awards.

What I took away from my entrepreneurship studies is that the most successful entrepreneurs are truly passionate about what they do. My professors encouraged us all to think about our hobbies and passions and try to innovate in that space. I thought about it but I didn’t have that “thing” that never got old. After business school, I went to work for some great companies, but the urge to run my own gig was still there. At one company I worked at, yoga was offered during lunch. I started attending the daily yoga classes and little did I know I had found my passion. Those lunch yoga classes were my “daily bliss” and they kept me healthy, happy, and productive. Three years later I signed up for my first yoga teacher training. It was a life-changing experience. I experienced more clarity, body awareness, and overall peace and happiness then I had felt in a long-time. I was hooked. I had found my passion.

I combined my love of yoga with my expertise in marketing, event planning, and overall management to start Daily Bliss Yoga. On my first retreat I partnered with Heather Archer, an amazing South Bay based yoga teacher, and my friend Caroline Grew, who was born and raised in Costa Rica. Our first retreat to Costa Rica was a powerful experience. Heather’s teaching combined with Caroline’s authentic Costa Rican outlooked led to a well rounded and unforgettable trip. Daily Bliss Yoga was formed!

We have expanded to host over 20 yoga retreats a year. We also host retreats for schools, corporations, and private parties. Our vision is to offer experiences that allow people the opportunity to connect, relax, and renew. I am looking forward to working on my passion project and expanding our offerings in 2016!

Erika Craciun

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