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We welcome you to join Sybil Merriman for a truly transformative Earth-Centered Yoga Retreat at La Cusinga Eco Lodge in Costa Rica. Unplug, unwind and reset in the peacefulness and magic of the rainforest, the beach and a dynamic farm!

La Cusinga is one of the top boutique eco lodges overlooking the Pacific Ocean and Bahia Ballena National Park on the South Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. La Cusinga is 100% owned and operated by Costa Ricans who live and breathe “La Pura Vida Lifestyle”. The lodge is tucked away on a stunning 600-acre private nature reserve. Your body and mind will reset to a natural rhythm as howler monkeys awake you in the morning and the hum of the cicadas and the lull of the crashing waves rock you to sleep.

The magical scenery where the jungle meets the ocean in stunning sweeping vistas will surely invigorate your soul.  The lodge has awe-inspiring trails leading you through magnificent Ajo trees to a serene, sandy beach with mellow waves and amazing caves where you can wander at low tide. After yoga take a relaxing dip in the natural spring fed swimming hole and soak under a refreshing waterfall where you will feel one with nature.

Sybil’s retreat will blend energetic yoga flows with astonishing wildlife, active adventure and freshly prepared organic meals in a truly restorative setting where you can see the aracari toucan also known as “La Cusinga”, playful capuchin white-faced monkeys and blue morpho butterflies.

Each day’s practices (morning and evening) will be infused with Earth element themes – Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space – stimulating a deeper connection to our planet and providing many paths for self-inquiry and growth.  In the morning, celebrate your inner power and move past limited definitions of yourself with a dynamic and physically-challenging class emphasizing mindfulness and coordination of breath with movement.  We will explore postures carefully chosen to bring you into a ‘maha’ or peak pose, followed by focused breathing and guided meditation to contain and integrate the energy you awaken.

With Sybil’s style of teaching, you can expect variety: holding postures for extended times, slow movements, hands-on assists, invitation to spontaneous posture flow and contemplation of spiritual principles.  Morning practice will leave you feeling energized and centered, ready to greet the day’s adventures, or pampering and relaxation, with serenity and equanimity.  Vigorous morning practices will be balanced with gentle, nourishing yoga in the evening when we slow down, rest the body and quiet the mind with restorative postures, yin yoga and Divine Sleep yoga nidra (guided deep relaxation).

After morning yoga flow, every day is an adventure of your choice! Take a horseback ride with the local cowboys at Rancho La Merced through a working ranch and pristine jungle, leading you to a gorgeous waterfall and swimming hole. There will be plenty of opportunities to go on nature hikes through La Cusinga, zipline through the canopy at Hacienda Baru, surf the fun ocean breaks or simply relax, get a massage and soak in the views from your hammock on your private veranda.

We will honor Earth Day by participating in a tree planting celebration on the property and creating gorgeous malas made from the local seeds. In the evening live music will ignite your spirit and connect you to the vibrant Costa Rican lifestyle.

Your Retreat Leader & Experience Officer

Sybil Merriman

Sybil Merriman

Sybil Merriman has been a student of Yoga since 2000. Originally drawn to the physical practice of Yoga for the flexibility and strength it gave her, she soon discovered that…

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Caroline Grew

Caroline Grew

Caroline was born and raised in Costa Rica and is in charge of creating authentic Costa Rican yoga retreat experiences for Daily Bliss Yoga.

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A Word from Our Inspiring Leader

Dear Friends,

The first time I visited Costa Rica (yup, I’ve been drawn to this rainforest paradise three times) was nothing short of magical. I wanted to jump from tree to tree like a monkey, plucking bananas, shouting ‘Pura Vida!” My whole being felt warmed and nourished by the sunshine, friendly faces and the freshest food I’ve ever eaten.  

Each visit has been a full-body and spirit immersion in simple, joyful, healthy living – floating in salty waters, hiking through the jungle, and of course, deepening my yoga practice (for me, yoga is a wonderful ‘excuse’ for travelling). I always return home feeling inspired and invigorated; nothing short of more alive. It’s as if the essence of this beautiful land and its people gets sucked in through my pores and becomes a part of me.  

Every time I travel to Costa Rica I find myself scheming and dreaming about how and when I can return to this country, as if to refill myself with the vibe that is uniquely Costa Rican. I am beyond excited (Elated! Overjoyed!  Honored! Grateful!) to be leading a yoga retreat to this magical place – not only do I get to return to paradise, but I get to share it with my yoga family.

The Costa Rican environment is especially vibrant and life-affirming – down there I feel a unique connection to the natural world that I haven’t felt as deeply anywhere else. On this retreat, we will celebrate Earth and her many gifts; not just for Earth Day 2017, but for the entire week.  

La Cusinga Eco-Lodge is nestled on a 600-acre private nature preserve, making it an ideal place to rest, recharge and revitalize your whole being while honoring Earth and our reflecting on our relationship to her. With a spirit of gratitude and joy, our time together during this yoga retreat will be infused with elements of ritual, ceremony and self-inquiry. Join me in planting trees, learning about the land, exploring the five elements, journaling, and making malas from local seeds.  

We will greet the morning sun with an energizing yoga flow and breath work to create a renewed energy within. Daily guided meditation will encourage receptivity and set the tone for the day as we simply listen to the sounds of the natural world and our voice of inner wisdom. Throughout the day we will deepen our connection to the Earth and ourselves by enjoying one of the many gifts she has to offer: start with a relaxing massage or rest on the beach, walk through the rainforest or swim in the Pacific. Indulge your adventurous spirit with surfing, horseback riding or zip lining through the canopied trees. In the evenings, restorative and yin practices will slow our energy to cultivate serenity and tranquility. Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra will ensure a deep relaxation to close the day.

I hope you will join me in “Pura Vida”, Costa Rica’s motto of Pure Living. Rest, recharge and revitalize your whole being – body, mind and spirit – on both an outer journey and the inner journey of yoga for a truly transformational experience.

Big Hugs and Deep Bows,


Your Retreat, Your Adventure!

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Included in Your Retreat

Yoga & Meditation | Locally-Sourced  Meals | Eco-Boutique Lodging | 60-minute Massage | Farm-to-table Tour & Cooking Class | Giving Back

  • 2 Daily yoga classes taught by Sybil Merriman (1 on arrival/departure days)
  • 3 Daily healthy, local & exquisite meals at the Aracari Restaurant
  • 5 Nights accommodations in rustic cabins designed with sustainably-harvested wood and local materials maximizing comfort and minimizing environmental impact
  • 1 60-minute massage at The Cinnamon Spa
  • 1 Farm-to-Table tour & cooking class
  • 6 Days immersed in a uniquely preserved ecosystem – Ocean, Beach, Rainforest, Jungle, Trails & more await you!
  • Participate in engaging Earth Day activities and give back to our environment
  • Daily options for outdoor adventure, eco-exploration, immersion in nature and restoration at the spa.

Farm-to-Table Tour and Local Cooking Class

As a guest you will have the opportunity to have a deeper connection with your food by going on a farm-to-table tour. You will get to taste fresh sugar cane, ginger, turmeric, guava, pineapple, coconut and much more and learn about composting.

After the tour you will have the chance to prepare a vibrant and tasty meal with local cooks. The open-air kitchen and dining area has tables overlooking the Pacific Ocean where howler monkeys and cusingas (which means fiery-billed Aracari) are often spotted, which makes it a perfect place for a cooking class. One of our favorite recipes is fresh ceviche and patacones (green plantains).

Not Included: Airport Transfers, gratuities, specialty beverages

Sample Daily Schedule



Morning Adventure, Spa or Free Time


Afternoon Adventure, Spa or Free Time



1st and Final Evenings include Opening & Closing Circles

subject to change

Lean More about La Cusinga Eco Lodge

Gourmet Cuisine, Ocean & Rain Forest Accommodations, Adventure, and Spa

Hidden in the hilltops overlooking the pristine beaches of Costa Rica’s South Pacific, where the ocean crashes into the jungle sits La Cusinga Eco Lodge.

Gourmet Cuisine

Delightful, Exquisite, Organic

Organic and exquisite gourmet meals await at the Aracari Restaurant. Enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner in the open-air dining area while being surrounded by the beautiful scenery and sounds of wildlife. This ideal setting caters to nature lovers and tranquility seekers alike as you enjoy delicious tropical dishes made with fresh produce grown on the La Cusinga farm.

Local Flavor of the Highest Quality. Organic produce served in the dishes is harvested from trees on the property as well as purchased from local farmers. In addition, the fish served is locally caught and purchased straight from local fishermen. Using these practices, Aracari delivers organically-grown, fresh food products that are both tasty and healthy.

Eco-Boutique Accommodations

Sustainability, Wellness

From the handcrafted wood used to construct the buildings to the lodge’s sustainable practices and preservation of the local ecosystems, La Cusinga is a paradise meant to channel positive energy, relaxation, and well-being to its guests.  Tucked away in a private reserve, this rainforest hotel provides guests with sweeping ocean views, sandy beaches, natural pools, and the chance to experience the burgeoning forests and astonishing wildlife of the country’s most famous ecosystem – Osa, Costa Rica.  The beautiful location offers the tranquility of fresh ocean breezes and breathtaking sunsets that make for the perfect tropical escape.

Rustic cabins are designed with sustainably-harvested wood and local materials to maximize comfort while minimizing impact on the environment.  The hotel’s genuine commitment to sustainable practices along with their first-hand experience in local and national conservation efforts enrich guests’ appreciation of the surrounding ecosystems and the importance of their continued preservation.

La Cusinga is among the best ecolodges according to TripAdvisor, Rough Guides, and other global tourism leaders.

A Little History about La Cusinga

The Tres Hermanas Farm was bought 44 years ago by John Tresemer, when there were no paved roads and locals rode on horses to get around. Tresemer was part of the successful effort to create the Ballena National Park in 1989, to protect the Pacific Hawksbill turtles and the visiting humpback whales, and was involved in the preservation of Cocos and Caño islands. His stepson, Geinier Guzmán, has been managing the lodge since 2003. Geinier has been so welcoming to our Daily Bliss Yoga retreats for the last three years and makes us feel like family. La Cusinga is a real gem where guests are able to be fully present and immerse themselves in a sustainable and cultural experience. Geinier’s motto “We try to teach what we live,” is embodied at La Cusinga on every level from the meals prepared from the freshest locally grown food gathered on farm to the engaging staff who can guide you on the trails through the natural wonders of the rainforest.

Adventure Ahead

Immersive, Diverse

An Adventurers Paradise Defined! Nestled in the midst of breathtaking scenery and vibrant wildlife habitats, guests are just a short distance from a variety of activities, such as hiking, horse back riding, zip lining, bird watching, nature treks, and more. 

Unique and easily accessible, Corcovado National Park, approximately 54,539 hectares of humid rainforest and 24,000 hectares of pristine ocean, has become an international attraction since founded in 1975. The #3 ranked national park in the world — 2% of the entire world’s biodiversity can be found within the park — Corcovado Park is home to almost 400 species of birds, 140 species of mammals and 116 species of amphibians and reptiles and 6000 species of insects. Six Natural eco-systems have been identified in the park and it protects endangered species such as the jaguar, puma, crocodile, tapir, poison dart and golden frogs and the harpy eagle. The rainforest is also home to numerous plants and insects that are extremely valuable for scientific and medical discovery. Corcovado National Park is the premier place in Costa Rica to see the diverse wildlife that exists in the country.

As the Adventure Life feature piece calls it, La Cusinga is An Accessible Slice of Eco Heaven.


Serenity, Tranquility

The Cinnamon Spa: wellness for your Mind, Body & Soul.

Cinnamon Spa specializes in helping guests achieve relaxation and overall wellness while sharing its Costa Rican cultural roots. The Spa offers a variety of fusion services combining the latest massage styles and wellness treatments with natural products from Costa Rica. A sought after treat, the spa seeks to be a highlight of your retreat, making you feeling restored and revitalized, ready for the next day’s adventure. Discover with us the benefits of true balance between body, mind and soul.

Included in your retreat price is a 60-minute massage! We want you to be blissed out in our jungle paradise!

Is This Retreat For You? Do you…

  • Enjoy yoga and cultivating holistic health & happiness?
  • Seek out the guidance of an intelligent, spirited & motivational leader and a supportive community of like-minded individuals?
  • Appreciate the practices of environmental preservation combined with immersion in nature? (We call this an “Eco-Immersive” boutique retreat.)
  • Consider yourself an eco-adventurist — an explorer that seeks out exotic natural environments, explores them with curious verve, supports conservation efforts and appreciates wildlife?
  • Bask in the warmth of the sunshine, enjoy the rigor of immersion in the natural landscape, indulge in exploration of native culture and natural wildlife, and feel at peace closing out the day with stunning sunsets & starry skies?
  • Then, YES, this retreat is for you!


Book Now to Save! First 10 receive $100 off rate listed below!

Rooms are assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis. Book early to secure your preferred lodging. Discount applied to final balance.

Early Rates

Reserve on/before January 19, 2017. Rates increase $200 on January 20, 2017.

  • Shared Dorm Room (Tucan/Rana) – Ocean View: $1,799 pp / $1,999 pp after Jan 19


  • Triple (Colibri 1) – Ocean View: $1,820 pp
  • Double (Gemela 1, Gemela 2, Ylang, Paloma, Manakin) – Jungle or Ocean View: $1,850 pp
  • Couple (Colibri 2, Manakin) – Jungle or Ocean View: $1,850 pp
  • Premium Couple (Manu) – Secluded Bungalow, Ocean View, Garden: $1,935 pp
  • Single (Colibri 2, Manakin) – Jungle or Ocean View: $2,120 pp
  • Premium Single (Manu) – Secluded Bungalow, Ocean View, Garden: $2,486 pp

Solo Traveler?

Traveling alone? Great! We will work to find you a roommate if you want a double or triple room. If we are unable to match you with another solo traveler, you can upgrade to a single or join a shared room.

About the Rooms

Rooms are either Ocean or Jungle view, as listed. Each DOUBLE or TRIPLE  includes a private en suite bath for the use of that room’s inhabitants only. Rooms are works of art; each detail is thoughtfully designed. La Cusinga accommodations are constructed from natural materials with the intention of having as little impact on the environment as possible without compromising comfort.  The hotel’s genuine commitment to sustainable practices along with their first-hand experience in local and national conservation efforts enrich guests’ appreciation of these ecosystems.

A SINGLE is a private room with 1 person per room. Available only upon request and subject to availability. Please email info@dailyblissyoga.com if you are interested in a single.

A DOUBLE is a shared room with 2 people per room. When booking, please indicate if you are booking with someone or as a single looking to be paired with someone of the same gender.

A DORM is a shared room set up with 6 sets of bunk beds. Each DORM accommodates up to 8 people. Final number of guests per room will be determined based on total guest count. When booking, please indicate if you are booking with others, as a single, and if you have a strong preference for single- or multi-gender accommodations. Dorm roommate assignments will be made after seeing client requests.

Terms + Conditions

By reserving your space with a deposit, you are agreeing to the stated policies in our Agreement.

Cancellation Policy
If you wish to cancel your retreat you must notify DBY in writing by contacting info@dailyblissyoga.com. Your cancellation fee will be determined according to the terms outlined in the chart in our agreement. Exceptions to our cancellation policy cannot be made for ANY reason, including weather, terrorism, civil unrest, Zika virus, health changes, personal emergencies, or otherwise. There is no refund for arriving late or leaving a trip early.

Transfer Policy
You may transfer your reservation from one DBY Retreat to another DBY Retreat up to four months before the original listed Retreat Start Date without penalty, after which time our cancellation policy applies.

Retreat Pricing
All prices are per person and are set well in advance of the retreat start date. Prices vary depending on a variety of cost factors, with peak travel times being the most expensive. You can always find pricing on the website. Prices include retreat costs only; they do not include airfare to and from the retreat and ground transportation (unless noted on the website). DBY believes in fair pricing for all retreat attendees – all prices are set and non-negotiable.

Deposit & Payment Terms (per person)
Reserve your spot with a non-refundable $500 deposit per person plus a booking fee. Please note the booking fee does not count toward your final balance. At two months final balances will be charged to the credit card on file. If you book within two months of the Retreat Start Date, you will be billed in full within 24 hours after putting down the initial deposit.

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