We facilitate CONNECTIONS to support us

Blissed Yoga Retreats are produced with love and care for small groups. We take special pride in getting to know everyone that comes on our retreats and welcoming you to the Blissed Yoga Retreats family. Community and connection are the foundations we are built upon and we look forward to retreating with you!

We are all about the EXPERIENCE to awaken us

Every BYR retreat features an Experience Officer that is in charge of creating an authentic, local, and unique retreat. Our team of Experience Officers comes from around the globe and works hard to make your retreat top-notch from start to finish.

We believe in the power of NATURE to heal us

BYR retreats get you out of your daily grind and into natural surroundings that have the ability to heal you from your core. We are committed to sustainability and do our best to select retreat centers that are leaders in eco-tourism. If you are ready for it, we offer the option to completely unplug and say bye bye to your devices for your retreat. We encourage you to stop and smell the yoga flowers!

We focus on YOGA to calm us

Our priority in all our experiences is the yoga. We work with the best teachers and design special classes and workshops on our retreats that you don’t get at your home studio. We look forward to helping you deepen your practice!


Teri – Travis & Lauren – Thailand

I can honestly say that Blissed Yoga Retreats has exceptional customer service.  Upon arrival in Thailand, Erika and her team were available to help everyone sort out any issues, or concerns and continued to connect and make sure everyone had a wonderful time.  The retreat itself was filled with great yoga,  delicious food and daily excursions.  The day trips were planned ahead of time and included a temple tour, as well as the opportunity to visit a local family farm to cook our own Thailand cuisine.  Every detail was taken care of ahead of time and this really made a big difference for me.  There is so much that goes into planning yoga retreats and I felt every detail was taken care of, which allowed me to fully relax and enjoy the beauty of Thailand.  I have been a few yoga retreats over the past 10 years and my experience dealing with Blissed Yoga Retreats surpassed any other experience.  If you are thinking about doing a yoga retreat, booking with them is a must!

Sophia – Heather – Tulum

Thank you for an amazing week. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with you and the other yogis. This trip was life changing for me, seriously.

Ellen – Travis & Lauren – Thailand

I thoroughly enjoyed my first Yoga retreat with Blissed Yoga Retreats. Everything was handled both professionally and personally. It was a terrific experience. My Yoga instructors, Travis Eliot and Lauren Eckstrom are not only fabulous Yoga instructors, but an incredible Team that made this retreat (with their style, knowledge and generosity) an amazing life experience. The combination of Blissed Yoga Retreats, Travis and Lauren, this retreat/vacation was a trip filled with warm memories. I highly recommend Blissed Yoga Retreats as the “go-to” for any of your Yoga retreats.

Cara – Travis & Lauren – Thailand

This is my fourth Yoga retreat, facilitated by all different retreat companies, and I would have to say Erika and Blissed Yoga Retreats is above par. I felt well taken care of and the retreat went seamless. The yoga teachers were able to focus on Yoga and Blissed did exactly what is in their title… created a Blissed out state for the attendees and the teachers.

Jill – Jacqueline & Kelly – Santa Barbara

It’s been days since I have returned from the yoga retreat, but I am still feeling grounded and centered despite the usual stresses of my life. Thank you for this experience! It was wonderful!

Mexico Bliss

I just wanted to shoot you an email to say thank you and tell you what a wonderful time I had in Mexico. You have a wonderful team of people and the resort was just perfect. Thank you for a magical experience and I plan on booking more trips with your company in the future. ❤️

Christi – Jamie Horgan – Thailand

Thank you Blissed Yoga Retreats for a fabulous retreat experience! I just returned from Koh Samui Thailand with Jamie Horgan and had the best time. This was the most well-run yoga retreat I’ve been on thus far – I appreciated the organization of the Blissed Yoga Retreats team and the fact that I didn’t have to think about anything or do any planning. Not only did the Blissed Yoga Retreats team lead an amazingly well organized retreat, but they were also extremely committed to ensuring everyone was comfortable and creating an inclusive environment. The genuine passion of the Blissed Yoga Retreats team was evident in all aspects of the retreat, including pre and post retreat interactions. The retreat itself was so wonderful and exactly what I needed. I came back feeling refreshed, renewed, and more open.

Highlights included: daily yoga with Jamie (her signature vinyasa flow classes + yin classes which she doesn’t currently teach in LA studios), sharing the experience with great people/making new friends, relaxing, great setting/views/serene atmosphere at the resort, healthy food, Kori was amazing at organizing and making everyone feel comfortable, and fun excursions. Most importantly I’m grateful for the community built on this retreat. I’ve been going to Jamie’s classes for seven years now and continue to be inspired by her teaching, outlook on life, and ability to connect to her students.

In addition to spending the week alongside an inspiring teacher, the experience was enhanced by the dedication of the Blissed Yoga Retreats team and their passion to create a yoga community as well as an unforgettable experience. Finally, I’m thankful for all the wonderful people I was able to meet and befriend on this retreat. In the beginning of the retreat Jamie stated that ‘the perfect group always comes together’ and she was so right! Looking forward to many more Blissed Yoga Retreats adventures in the future!

Jeffrey – Goldie Graham – Costa Rica

From the time I booked to when I returned home, Blissed Yoga Retreats was there every step of the way.  They made the trip an effortless adventure full of wonderful experiences.  Their attention to detail allowed the group to completely enjoy the location, yoga, and each other. While I will always be partial to the yoga retreat with Goldie Graham in Costa Rica, you can’t go wrong with Blissed Yoga Retreats.

Kelly – Heather Archer – Ojai

Amazing experience on my first yoga retreat. Erika was a fantastic coordinator and Heather was the best yoga instructor I have had! Will definitely be going back!

Brogan – Goldie Graham – Costa Rica

As a guy who isn’t too serious about yoga, I went into this retreat unsure of what I was getting into. After the first day at the beach, listening to the monkeys, and taking warm classes in the jungle air, I was ready to go back, to this exact location, every single year of my life. There is something about the look and feel of a place like La Cusinga, you must travel there to truly understand how amazing it really is.

Elena – Costa Rica

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for organizing yoga retreats like the one in Costa Rica!
This place is paradise, indeed! Everything is extraordinary: the nature, the locals and their spirit, the yoga group, the food, OMG, the food …. the room is very nice!
I am speechless.

Mary – Heather Archer – Costa Rica

I had the most wonderful trip to La Cusinga with the other people. Everyone was so friendly. We shared so many giggles while we had adventures.
The food was awesome for me with my dietary needs. The kitchen staff, Cristian and Augustin were super helpful and supportive.
I would go again in a minute if I had a chance.
My roommates are “new best friends.”
Thank you from the bottom of my yogi heart.

Andy – Shannon Larsen – Costa Rica

I was invited to a yoga retreat in Costa Rica by my yoga instructor Shannon Larsen.  The retreat was arranged by Blissed Yoga Retreats and the retreat was located at La Cusinga in Cosa Rica on the south west coast of Costa Rica.  The travel to there a was long but entirely worth the effort and time.  I’ve been to Costa Rica before but this trip was different and special.  Different and special because of the people involved.  It felt as if I had known everyone involved with the trip as in a previous life.  Shannon led with amazing energy and the staff mirrored the relaxed and friendly nature of La Cusinga’s owner who took time to tell us the history of the property.  The days were filled with meditation, yoga and local activities.  The nights were filled with relaxing dinners, laughter, wonderful conversation and music…..unbelievable duets by Shannon and a surprise appearance by the bar tender who is a very accomplished guitarist.  After the retreat I found myself living in the moment more enjoying each day as I was in it.

Laura – Heather Archer – Ojai

This was my first time going on a yoga retreat and it exceeded all of my expectations. The location in Ojai was beautiful! Erika was a phenomenal coordinator making sure everything ran smoothly. Heather was a wonderful instructor and Megan prepared amazing meals each day. What more could you ask for! I will definitely be going on another one with Blissed Yoga Retreats!

Christine – Heather Archer – Ojai

Heather is truly a one-of-a-kind yoga teacher – so knowledgeable, dedicated and inspiring. She puts her heart and soul into her classes. Her dedication to the practice and to her students is unmistakable. On our Ojai weekend retreat, she created five distinct classes suited to the time of day taught. This resulted in a beautifully comprehensive experience. She is an amazing teacher, and a genuinely beautiful person – inside and out. The Ojai site was perfect for our weekend – with various accommodations sprinkled throughout the property, suiting different needs, tastes and budgets. It’s in a peaceful spot, tucked away in a canyon. There were places to gather and be social, and places to be alone and enjoy the solitude. The optional hike was a welcome outdoorsy activity and ending the weekend with a visit to the Farmers Market was such a pleasure.

Ollie – Heather Archer – Mexico

I went on one of Erika’s retreats to Sayulita, Mexico, which was a big deal because I didn’t know Erika or the instructor before signing up. I couldn’t have been any more lucky. Erika organized an amazing trip, and the yoga teacher she worked with, Heather Archer, was one of the best I’ve ever had. Erika was highly communicative and responded to all my questions, made the process very easy, and was also great fun on the trip too. Definitely go one of the Blissed Yoga Retreats!

Amy – Paul Teodo – Mexico

I just came back from a fantastic retreat in Sayulita, Mexico with Blissed Yoga Retreats and Paul Teodo leading the yoga. Paul’s classes in the morning were strong, sweaty and fun, with amazing music to start off the day right. His evening classes were the real treat for me, though – chilled-out yin classes with lots of meditation and live guitar. During the day, we surfed, hiked, SUP’d and ate fish tacos like it was going out of the style. There was also an amazing masseuse that Blissed Yoga Retreats works with who quite literally changed our lives. (shoutout to our man Armando!)

We had breakfast and dinner at the hotel, and the meals were perfectly tailored for the diverse eating habits of our group, with vegans, gluten-free and vegetarians munching happily alongside us omnivores. Every step of this trip was smooth, stress-free and fun – just what a retreat should be. For the first time, I came back from my vacation without needing to recover from my vacation!

Dara – Heather Archer – Hawaii

What an amazing time I had at the Hawaii Blissed Yoga Retreat. This was a trip of a lifetime! The accommodations were lovely, Lumeria Maui is gorgeous without being too over the top plush. I loved it there. The grounds were pristine and the food they served was delicious. Having the meals served as a buffet was perfect for choosing what and how much you want. Yum! The excursions were super fun too. Lots of thought went into the details of this trip. I appreciated that very much. It was wonderful how great the group got along too. Blissed Yoga Retreats rocked this trip for me. Great job on everything and 10 stars all the way!!!

Robin – Heather Archer – Costa Rica

I’m totally in love with the experience that Erika and Caroline create on Blissed Yoga Retreats. It’s truly selfish travel. And I mean that in the most positive way! No need to worry about anything except for booking a plane ticket and getting yourself through the security checkpoint at the airport. We all do so much in our everyday grind. It’s really wonderful to take a break, take a breath and let someone else handle every exquisite detail. I’ve been on two Women’s Empowerment trips to La Cusinga with Heather Archer. She is a phenomenal instructor. Heather is a passionate and extremely talented yogi WHO cares deeply about her student both new and old. La Cusinga Lodge is a hidden treasure nestled in the Costa Rican forest with breath taking ocean views. It’s authentic Costa Rican emersion from the farm to table fresh fruits and vegetables to the friendly and professional native Tico staff. I’ve stayed in the shared accommodations twice, but the individual cabins are lovely. I liked staying right above the main gathering space (the open air lobby pavilion) and having the chance to meet other guests.

Barbara – Heather Archer & Jamie Horgan – Maui

The Blissed Yoga Retreat in Maui was a truly beautiful experience. From the peaceful and tranquil Lumeria resort, delicious food, interesting and fun excursions, amazing yoga teachers, Heather and Jamie, you could not ask for more well planned and memorable experience.

April – Heather Archer – Costa Rica, Ojai, Mexico

There are yoga retreats and then there are Blissed Yoga Retreats. I have been fortunate enough to attend three (Costa Rica, Ojai and Mexico) and I can’t say enough about the level of service, caliber of people attending and the overall experience. I wasn’t even a practicing yogi when I went on my first retreat but I was so inspired by Heather Archer’s teachings that I practice three times a week now. I highly recommend making time for bliss in your life.

Our Mission

The mission of Blissed Yoga Retreats is to help people break free from the Daily Grind and inspire more Daily Bliss in our lives. We create yoga experiences that allow you to reflect, connect, and renew. Reflect on yourself, connect with nature and your community, and come away feeling renewed and rejuvenated.